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November 9, 2020 **

SJC Ruling Regarding Remote Depositions

Updated SJC Order

Remote Deposition Guide


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To Ensure You Have a Qualified Stenographer at Every One of Your Proceedings
  • Know Rule 30(b)(4)

  • Make sure you specify you want a "Stenographic Reporter" on all of your notices and verbal requests

  • Schedule as early as possible

  • Ask for a "court reporter's" credentials upon arrival 


Don't let your court reporting firm decide the value of YOUR record. Your case is worth the Gold Standard every  time. 

See Rule 30(b)(4)

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Have you ever considered a career in court reporting or captioning?

Did you know that stenographic reporters provide the live captions you see on television? 

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The Massachusetts Court Reporters Association is dedicated to the advancement of professional verbatim shorthand reporting. Our goals include promoting professional court reporting excellence through education, research, and technology, and to establish, maintain and protect professional standards in the practice of court reporting. We advocate for our members before legislative and regulatory bodies on issues which impact the judicial system and others served by the court reporting profession.

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