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CSR Examination


Examinations usually take place twice a year, in Spring and Fall.

CSR Examination for certification shall consist of testing the reporting ability and general knowledge of the applicant pursuant to the following standards:

  • Literary: 170 words per minute

  • Jury Charge: 190 words per minute

  • Testimony: 210 words per minute


Dictation shall be for five minutes in each section, and a grade of 95% as to each section shall be passing.

The applicant shall transcribe each section immediately following the dictation. Speed and accuracy in transcribing notes will be the basis of the test, as well as correct spelling. Errors shall be defined using the guidelines established by the National Court Reporters Association for its Registered Professional Reporter examination.


A CSR shall be granted after passing the examination.  In order to retain CSR status, you must remain a MCRA member in good standing.  Failure to do so will result in a loss of your CSR.


Printing is available on-site.  However, each applicant must bring their own Memory Stick or USB drive (a/k/a "Jump Drive") to transport their file to the printer, and they also must be capable of downloading that file on their own from their computer.


For questions regarding State CSR Exam, please email Proctor,



NCRA Certification Tests

NCRA offers online testing. See the NCRA Certification Test Center for more information.


We currently have reciprocity with NCRA certifications (RPR, RMR, etc.) and with some individual states.  To apply for a MA CSR, the application fee is $50.  Additionally, you need to be a member of MCRA. 

Upcoming CSR Exams
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