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Attorneys Educate Yourselves Here

Rule 30(b)(4) - Massachusetts Rules of Civil Procedure 

The Real Story: How National Court Reporting Agencies’ Contracting and Digital Recording Practices Can Damage Your Bottom Line

The Toxic Tort 

NCRA Strong

Your Court Reporter Should Look Like This 

The Truth About Digital Court Reporting, Includes

  • "There Is No Place for Digital in the Legal Arena" 

  • "Get Off My Coattails" 

  • "What Does It Take To Be a Digital Court Reporter

  • "Let’s Open the Mic on Microphones and Recordings

  • "International Alliance of Professional Reporters and Transcribers – HA!

  • "Call a Spade a Spade" 

Letter from NCRA

Guide for Making the Record by Jason Meadors, NCRA President 2023

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