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Letter from MassBar Association to MCRA re the Use of Court Reporters 

Channel 5 Boston Investigates:  Courts installing digital recording which could replace court reporters.  Feb. 2017.

Olson, Kris.  Court reporters crying foul over transcription bidding.  Mass Lawyers Weekly 6 Feb. 2017.

McWilliams, Ian.  It really is your record now:  a conversation about court reporters.  MATA Dec. 2016.

Olson, Kris.  Court reporters ramping up campaign to save profession.  Mass Lawyers Weekly  8 Aug. 2016.

Court Reporting Insider

Odendahl, Marilyn.  Fee shifts an issue for court reporters  4 May 2016.


Betz, Al.  Silencing the court reporter  23 April 2016.


Finkel, Adam.  LEGISLATIVE UPDATE:  The effectiveness of grassroots advocacy  NCRA 11 April 2016.


Fla. Supreme Court amends rule, mandates live court reporters in all capital trials' NCRA 5 April 2016.


Orecchio-Egresitz, Hasen.  Cape Cod Times article 'Debate grows over court recording system'  25 Mar. 2016.


Olson, Kris.  New digital recording vendor promises vast improvements  Mass Lawyers Weekly 11 Feb. 2016.


Spencer, Buffy.  Are court reporters an endangered species?  Massachusetts Trial Court starts digital recordings, fate of 40 employess unclear  31 Jan. 2016.


MCRA's Response to Boston Globe Article


Orecchio-Egresitz, Hasen. Following the law, at 260 words per minute Cape Cod Times  24 Dec. 2015.

Lawyers, court reporters cry foul over continuing practice.  Lawyers Weekly 7 Dec. 2015

Is anti-contracting legislation being ignored in Mass? Published by MATA in Lawyers Weekly Nov 2015



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